Meet Ava Masoumi of Healthy Indoor Professionals

Please tell us about Healthy Indoor Professionals.

We are an environmental consulting compan Our work has been mostly focused on air quality inspection and testing in Los Angeles and its 30 miles radius. We are able to inspect and test residential, commercial and public buildings. We are known for our mold and microbial testing, likely because of my PhD in microbiology. We inspect buildings for mold during real estate transactions. We inspect residences and businesses for mold to assure owners that there is no hidden mold contamination in the buildings. We inspect residences, pre-schools and schools for mold. I believe pre-schools, schools and residential properties are the most important places to be tested for mold for our vulnerable children, especially those with respiratory allergies and asthma. We are proud of our concern and attention to every phone call or email asking us questions or guidance. I personally take the time to speak with everyone who contacts us for a free consultation. I carefully listen to them and their concerns and answer their questions. If I need to read and help them further I will do it and then discuss my findings with them. To me, an issue with a one bedroom apartment is as important as a multi-unit building issue. I believe my company is unique because I am unique. This company is my brand. I have general rules, regulations and goals including client satisfaction. I customize our services for each client based on their needs and concerns after our conversation and consultation with creative and dynamic solutions. I am striving for ‘Healthy Indoor Professionals’’ to stay current and well informed in the industry. One of my plans is to bring awareness to parents, teachers and principals about mold problems in schools and its effects on the health of young children. I hope we can raise funding for performing mold inspections and testing in Los Angeles schools.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I wouldn’t do anything differently. I believe success is being satisfied and happy with what you’re doing. It’s a process with different steps and levels, and after passing each step, you have a new one in front of you. I have been happy and satisfied with the steps that I have passed so far and I have the opportunity to change and try new things with each new step.